All For One.

For the first time in my life, I am crying tears of gratitude. Not tears of gratitude for a new car, or for a promotion at work, or even because the guy I liked surprised me with flowers. Today, today I cry tears of celebration. I celebrate my pain, I celebrate my sorrows… today, I celebrate all that The Lord has done within me. I celebrate the darkness that has ultimately led to the light, love, and joy I feel in this moment.

A year ago, I made a blog post about reconstruction. Little did I know, God would reconstruct me a few days later. Looking back, it was the most painful piece of my existence thus far. It also happens to be one of my most favorite moments of life. This moment has allowed me to overcome. I have developed a deep sense of self to know and BELIEVE that no matter what this world throws at me, I will overcome and rise up to a better place than I was before. This moment has created a deep sense of love for all other humans. I desire to love, to protect, to teach, to guide, and embrace everyone around me. This is the beginning of a movement. This is the beginning of OUR journey, as one, all together.


With love,


(Please check out this video)


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