Happiness Happens

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” – Mother Teresa

I’ve had many reasons to be happy lately. I’ve had a successful summer as an intern of AT&T and I’ve been preparing to take on new endeavors in my life. I also have some really exciting things happening in my family, which makes me happy. I have one brother who just returned from a mission, another brother is engaged, I have one brother who is about to begin his first year of college as a division 1 athlete, and I also have another brother entering into his senior year of high school as VP of his Student Body.

These are some intentional things that bring me joy.

But, I also get super excited when new ideas form together in my brain. I find myself smiling quite awkwardly when I stare at the beautiful sky on my late drives home. I feel overwhelming joy as I look around the table at family dinner to see smiles from those I love. I also feel happy when a random stranger compliments me or simply just smiles in my direction to acknowledges my presence. I get tender feelings of joy when I stumble upon an old friend. I feel all warm and fuzzy when my younger sister runs to me yelling, “EVVVEEEE.” I feel happy when my mother randomly hugs me and says “I love you”. I feel the greatest joy when I pray to my sweet Heavenly Father and have the Holy Spirit confirm to me that He lives, He Hears me, and He loves me. In these instances, my happiness wasn’t necessarily planned or intentional, it just kind of happened. Happiness is just a sweet feeling associated in these occasions. What I’ve realized about life is that, happiness just happens. 

We can definitely plan moments of joy, but most often we will feel joy in random moments of our day. We have to slow down and be present in order to recognize and appreciate the happiness happening all around us. I encourage you to look for reasons to be grateful today. Be a reason for someone else to be grateful today. Every day is a chance to notice the happiness happening in your life.


With love,




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