Just keep coloring…

Recently, I have had many opportunities to work with children. We have shared many artsy moments. The typical 4 year old colors quite viciously. The crayon doesn’t stand a chance!! As a result of the intense coloring, many crayons are broken. I am surprised at the response that some children have. When their crayons break, they immediately look at me with sorrow to say, “My crayon broke, I can’t finish my butterfly.” (Sad face). I look with confused compassion and begin to explain that just because the crayon is broken, doesn’t mean it cannot still be used to color. After I take the crayon and peel the paper a little bit, I hand it back to see their face slowly lighten up. Almost instantly, they’re back to being Vincent van Gogh.

At first, I had a really difficult time understanding how they thought a crayon could lose value simply because it was broken, but then it hit me. As an adult, how often do I try to quit something when it gets difficult, or give up in my life when I feel like a broken crayon? I’m sure God sees us with confused compassion and with hopes to show us a new way to color with the broken crayons in our crayon box. He doesn’t want us to give up on our masterpiece when things go wrong. The Lord desires to do all He can to show us how to take the twists and turns of life and use them to joyfully endure. God has the ability to take what seems to be a broken crayon and manifest it into the most authentic, irreplaceable, unique art utensil in history.

The world is my canvas, I am the artist, and life is my masterpiece. No broken crayon is going to stop me from coloring.

With love,





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