Not broken, Not damaged, just under reconstruction.

Normally when I reflect back to a time when life left me flat on my face, I would associate that stage in my life as a stage of brokenness. At some points in my life, I felt damaged as a result of the external or maybe even internal factors in my world. I perceived the situation negatively and almost felt attacked simultaneously in life. These stages didn’t come frequently, but when they did arise, I literally felt like the sky was falling. These situations would leave me feeling hopeless, inadequate, and even alone.

Recently, I viewed these stages in my life a bit differently. I really came to understand this a few weeks ago when I was walking to the library during finals week. I noticed the first floor of the building was under construction. I was kind of confused at first. I’ve been on the first floor before and it was definitely old and outdated, but nothing really seemed to be “wrong” with it. Students were able to print and study just fine. Unlike the individual who decided to reconstruct the floor, I wasn’t looking at it with its full potential in mind. The first floor was only going to be under construction temporarily and when it was complete, it was going to be absolutely better than before.

How often do we forfeit the opportunity to see our stages of brokenness as opportunities for The Lord to take our lives and re-mold us? Brokenness is simply our Heavenly Father trying to recreate us into something better than before. The process can leave us feeling hopeless and possibly even confused with the vision that God has for our lives. The process can deplete us and leave us feeling incapable of joy. These feelings can be met with The Lord’s infinite love for us. He can comfort us throughout the reconstruction process and give us a feeling of peace. His construction is done with perfect timing. Reconstruction has to occur every so often, there is no reason to fear. You are not broken, you are not damaged, you are simply under reconstruction preparing to reach a new height in your life.


“Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you has been all along.” – Rae Smith

With love,


***Please go to the home page, click the monthly challenges, and check out the challenge I’ve posted for January. I’ve created this challenge to act as a friend to those attempting to begin a new phase in their life.***





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