Let God Lead

I was headed to see Dr. Strange with my best friend, Amber, a few weeks back. I was giving her directions to the movie theater so she wouldn’t have to use a GPS. We could see the theater from the car, it was probably less than a quarter of a mile away. As we got closer, there were two right turns ahead that led to big parking lots. I told Amber to skip the first right and take the second to get to the theater. She ignored my advice and took the first turn instead. I kept silent and allowed her to continue through the first parking lot. She went through the lot just to discover that it was not connected to the movie theater. She looked at me in frustration and chose to follow the original directions I gave her. After we both realized what happened, I asked her why she didn’t just listen to me when I told her to take the second right turn. I gave her directions this whole way, why would she decide to ditch my directions last-minute? She explained how she thought the first turn would connect with the movie theater and it would ultimately save us time. The thing is, Amber didn’t realize that I have tried the first turn on my own before. I told her to take the second right because I personally knew that the first turn wouldn’t lead her where she wanted to go.

Immediately, I compared this experience to many experiences I’ve had in the past with Heavenly Father. I’ve asked Him for direction in my life many times and He gave me a clear answer, but once I got close enough to my goal, I ditched His directions and tried to get to the end on my own. I began to trust myself more than I trusted Him. He had led me the whole way and I allowed myself to forget that. The Lord knows everything, even the turns that are disguised as the perfect path to where I want to go.

The Lord will never lead us astray. He is not here to trick us. Sometimes we may be tempted to ignore The Lord when we think we can make the best decision on our own, but it’s important to remember that He sees and knows things that we might be totally unaware of. Sometimes when we do choose to ignore The Lord’s assistance, He will remain quiet and allow us to humble ourselves and notice what went wrong. When we choose to reach out to Him and follow His instruction, He will be there with open arms to redirect us and take us where we need to be.

With love,



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