Thy will be done

Psalms 40:8

I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.

I remember vividly one school night, I had a lot of studying to do. I wanted to leave the house and go study at Starbucks, but my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to go. I had an awful headache and really didn’t want to study around all my brothers. So, I ignored my mom (she wasn’t home at the time) and headed on to Starbucks. I felt so sick that I ended up leaving shortly after I arrived. I hopped into my car eager to get home annnnndddddd I hit the back of the mini van next to me as I was backing out (amateur mistake, I know). SOOOO, I had to call my mom and explain how I disobeyed her and went to Starbucks anyway… oh and also that I just made the insurance go up because I hit another car. As I drove home, I thought to myself, “If I would have been obedient, this wouldn’t have happened.”

I’ve occasionally had a difficult time with allowing God to have full control over my life, and obviously my mom as well. I’ve always thought my plan was surely better than His…so I would ignore Him, do what I wanted, and find out in the end I should have listened. Now, that sounds really arrogant. But, think about it. How many times do we want something, we might even know it’s not the best for us, but we do it anyway and still expect to feel the most fulfilling joy? It’s almost like we see a plate of cupcakes and we would love to eat every single one, but God says that two is the limit. We might know deep down in our hearts that God is probably right, but we think that our plan of eating all 12 of the cupcakes is a much better idea. After the 12 cupcakes are devoured, we are left a little heavier with a stomach ache on the way.

I’ve really come to understand why God has asked us to follow HIS will. The plan I choose for myself will always be flawed. Why? Well, I won’t always understand other human beings and I will never know their true intentions. I don’t know the outcomes of certain situations and I do not know what will bring me the most joy. GOD DOES. He knows the heart and mindset of others, He knows the potential outcome of all situations, and most importantly, He knows me better than I ever could. He knows what will bring me the most joy.

We all were given this divine plan with an impeccable potential imbedded within it. If we just follow Him and do our absolute BEST, He will help us reach our full potential. He will flood our lives with blessings and give us all of our righteous desires. I think that’s my ultimate goal in life…to be happy, the way God wants me to be.

With love,




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