Why, hello.

Since I’ve been away at college, I have found random handwritten letters from my mom hiding amongst my stuff. She has a habit of sneaking secret letters and not telling me of this, and I have a habit of finding these sneaky little suckers spontaneously. These letters are always found when I need them. Just today, I was trying to catch up to the racing thoughts bouncing off of the walls in my mind. Innovative ideas, concerns, emotions, and excitement have been unceasingly working to kill every ounce of peace in my brain. Occasionally, it becomes hard for me to just take a moment to tell everything to just freeze. Over the last few months, I’ve realized that the thoughts slow down and simplify when I place more trust in The Lord. But unfortunately, remembering this isn’t always easy. This afternoon, I was sitting on my bed trying to pour out my mind to see if I could organize things on paper. I looked to my left and noticed my planner and wondered, “WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN USING THIS BAD BOY?!” With much excitement, I go over to my planner and discover a note between the pages of May and June. It’s another sneaky letter from my mother. *grins

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^^ the sneaky letter

I opened up a letter filled with love, hope, and the perfect advice that I needed at this moment in my life.


Trust the Lord. Allow yourself to turn over your fears and worries to Him. Let go and let Heavenly Father guide your life.”

Of course her letter was longer than a few sentences, but the words jumped off the page and imprinted my heart with love. I felt this overwhelming love rush through my veins and land in the basement of my soul. The warmth hugging my spirit was The Holy Ghost breathing new life into me. The words of my mother were inspired by The Lord, and I was able to open it at the perfect moment.

Matthew 11:28

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

We are promised so many things in the scriptures, but this must be one of my favorites. Rest is offered to those that come unto The Lord. How much more invigorating can life get?

I think about my mom and how much she loves me. I know that my mom would do anything for me. Knowing how much she loves me, knowing the sacrifice she would do for me, knowing this just makes me love her more. And with Heavenly Father, He loves us more than any human being ever could, He can do ANYTHING in this world for us, and knowing this just makes me love Him more. Loving God is addicting. The more you give to Him, the more He gives right back to you. He wants to console us, He wants to relieve us of the things of this world, He wants to give us rest. But more than anything, He wants us to KNOW how much He loves us. And, like any parent, He wants to know that we love Him. It doesn’t matter how far we wander or how distant our hearts have become, we can always run to him and He’ll gladly greet us with, “Why, hello little one. Welcome home.”

With much, much love,




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