Happy Dad’s day, Pops

Not really sure where to begin. My dad and I have always had such a unique relationship. He was the only person that could get through to me in my times of stubbornness. I’ve learned so much from him over the years and it’s all helped me to become who I am today.

Since I was little, topics about the future and what it could be always floated into our family conversations. My dads always had this undying passion for life. I always remember hearing my dad talk about his dreams when he was a child and the dreams he had when he was in his adult years. This passion for his dreams flowed through the veins of myself and my brothers. We all grew up dreaming of what could be. We were inspired to do things that people said were impossible. We have always been so driven to follow our dreams regardless of how awkward, or unique they may have been. But not only did my dad show me what it meant to dream, he showed me what it meant to chase that dream. As a child, I wasn’t allowed to say “can’t” or “never” when I was around my dad. At a young age my dad was teaching and molding me into an individual that would never give up. He was teaching me to believe in my dreams and hold fastly to them. He was teaching me that I could do anything I wanted. Can’t would literally be absent from my vocabulary.

My dad has also helped me to develop a genuine thirst for knowledge. I remember asking him what something meant and quickly being told, “You have a smart phone, look it up.” Of course, as a child/teenager, this was the most annoying thing ever. I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just provide me with QUICK knowledge. As I would search my phone for answers each time I reached a point of curiosity, I noticed that it became a pattern. I developed a habit of searching and pondering things when curiosity stemmed in my brain. I realized WHY my dad had told me for to “look it up”. It wasn’t because he was just being a sarcastic father (sometimes I think he may have done it for humor), he was trying to get me to use the resources I had to find the questions that wandered aimlessly within my brain.

But the greatest thing my dad showed me was my divine value as a daughter of God. My dad has “boosted” my existence since I was born. I knew at a young age I wasn’t actually a “princess” or “superstar”, but my dad always made me feel like I was. My dad taught me about respecting myself and he allowed me to see into a mans mind. He helped me to understand why men do certain things & he advised me how to handle the situations if they arose. He unconditionally loved me to the point of me loving myself. He helped me to know that compromise would never be an option. As a little girl, this was sweet but it never really hit home. As I got older and started dating and developing as a young women, my dads unconditional love never meant so much. I’m thankful he showed and taught me what I deserved. I’m thankful he “boosted” me for my whole life, because if he didn’t, I might’ve permanently subjected myself to things that devalued me as a young woman.
Happy Father’s Day!

With love,



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