“Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us.” – Oliver Wendell 

Have you ever truly wondered why you were created? Have you ever taken the time to think about what your music was? What is playing inside of you dying to escape? Maybe you are already working to let your music play freely. Your music is your undying passion and purpose in life.

If you haven’t reached the point of uncovering your music, just think about what makes you giddy. Your music can take any form: a person, a role, a hobby, a career path. Your music is what you just can’t help being. It’s that thing that you just can’t get away from. It sounds like a piano playing a sweet harmonic chord so effortlessly. It has the power to boost your day and empty the worries from your heart almost instantaneously. Your music is the fuel to your flame. Very simply put, your music is why you were born.

For me, I always get these wild butterflies in my tummy when I get super excited about something. I’ve been able to notice when the excitement arises and used it to discover what my music was.

To discover your music, you need to know yourself. To reach your full potential, you must understand who you truly are. Be willing to take a step back and look under the rocks you may have never lifted. Be willing to take the time to identify your strengths and natural abilities. When you’re able to identify your purpose, you have to run with it. Follow it whole-heartedly. Be comfortable and content with being different. Your music might play in a different key, but that’s what will make your piece so divine. Think of some brilliant people in this world that followed their passion despite its peculiar form. They excelled in their life because they were driven by a flame that was incapable of dying. Their inventions, creativity, and innovations ultimately created the incredibly advanced world we live in today. Your music will die inside of you unless you take action and allow it to play freely. Try to remember that fulfillment will arise when you take the path that you want to in life, not the path that others have designed for you.

“Only you can control your future.” – Dr. Seuss

Well, what do you do when you feel like there isn’t music inside of you to begin with? Maybe you feel like you have no purpose. Maybe you feel like your talents are mediocre, therefore they deserve no attention. Or maybe there’s another reason that you came to the conclusion that you were born without a purpose. Well contrary to your belief, you do have music. In fact, your music is awaiting for you to find it. Now finding it won’t necessarily be easy. It’s going to take you wanting to find it. It’s going to take you either trying new things, or looking within your soul and noticing yourself. Notice what you’re good at. If you feel like you have no talents, you can try praying to see them or you can ask your loved ones what they see inside of you. If you are still stuck, think about what who you want to become. Think about the strengths you want to obtain. Think about those things and work towards them. Maybe starting from a clean slate is necessary for you to uncover who you are.

Sometimes it can be easy to fall prey to the ideal that you’re worthless without a purpose in life. But I guarantee that this is not true. It’s irrational to think that a human being would be created without a divine purpose attached. Take time to love yourself and compliment yourself. Don’t be afraid to look in new corners. There could be an amazing part of you that would conquer the world if you would just take the time to unleash it.

“Every journey and ride begins with a desire to go somewhere and do something and if you have a desire then you also have the power to make it happen.” -Jon Gordon

Never stop searching…

With love,




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