That feeling –

I have this poem on my heart

but I couldn’t put it into words

It’s about how people pull each other apart

Then fly away like birds


It’s that feeling of wanting someone

But being incapable of reaching them

Incapable of reaching them before they’re done

Done being incapable of being genuine


It’s that feeling of aggravation

Seeing people give with a false love

This disease that’s coming from every nation

It’s that “do you like me”… “I mean, kind of”

It’s that “kind of” love that’s the issue


That let me kind of love you

That kind of love that leaves you with a tissue

That “kind of” that makes you feel untrue…to you

Untrue for second guessing your gut

Untrue for giving the benefit of the doubt

Untrue for voluntarily putting yourself in a rut

For putting someone before you and leaving your soul in a drought


It’s that feeling of being done

Done trying to give the depths of your soul

The parts of your soul that deserve to be won

Not given out like an appetizer at the Super Bowl


It’s that feeling of confusion

Wondering how this all began

How did we create such a cycle

Where one person wins and no one else can


It’s that feeling of remorse

For those people who just don’t get it

They play with their lives like a game of Horse

And simply don’t care, not one bit


It’s also that continuous feeling of mercy

Realizing that we all learn at a different rate

Remembering that I too once was pleading

For someone to forgive me, and wipe their heart from hate

It’s that feeling of hope

That maybe one day we will all reunite

Reunite with the good within us & cope

Cope with the past to reach new heights  


With love,



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