Finding your happy.

Ever felt so much agony that all you wanted to do was crawl up into a turtle shell and live there forever? But then aggravation engulfs your mind when your plan to avoid pain goes askew? Have you ever felt so lonely despite the many people that filled the space around you? Have you ever felt so encompassed by negative thoughts that you just wanted to take a vacation from your mind…forever? Have you ever found yourself sitting in your puddle of tears wondering why you just weren’t good enough? Have you ever pleaded for a way to find true joy?


Yeah me too….

I understand what it feels like and you are not by any means alone. Each of you have this remarkable, heavenly worth; attempting to describe this worth is merely pointless, simply because words could never do you justice. You matter. You matter so much. I have personally experienced many situations in life that left me feeling unhappy and discontent. Whether it be relationships, friendships, a loss of a loved one, or simply just a very bad grade in Calculus. I have also realized that these unbearable moments in life do NOT define me, nor will they ever.

Happiness seems to be such a vital aspect of life that each of us genuinely crave. We are constantly looking for the thing or person that will come to us on a silver platter and sweep us off our feet to provide our lives with everlasting joy. As I was pondering this concept one evening, I was filled with this overwhelming wave of peace. I realized that joy, true joy, needed to be found from within. When I came to this realization, I began researching, reading, and discovering methods to obtain authentic happiness. On that evening, I began my pursuit to happiness.

 Happiness is something that overflows into every aspect of your life. I will discuss with you some things that I have learned in relation to finding joy within relationships (e.g. dating, friendships) and also the joy in being alone. I will talk a lot about self image, self confidence, and self worth. Ultimately, I will try to share with you some ways I have learned to love myself and find true joy from within. I aspire to find those of you who feel lost, scared, and alone. I want to mend the broken hearted and reemphasize to you how much you are valued. I hope I can help you rebuild your self confidence, help you to forgive, and strengthen your heart so you can love again. I hope to be able to peel back the layers of your shell you have so forcefully built up as a method of protection. It’d be my greatest joy to inspire those of you searching for yourself and your purpose in life. I hope I can share the things that I have learned and empower you to begin a journey of your own.


With love,





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